Editor Guidelines

At the International Journal of Astronomy and Modern Physics, the editors are considered the highest authority of publishing. To us, the word of our editors is considered final in the process of editing, peer reviewing and decisions regarding the publication of articles. Our editors are thorough examiners of scientific content and are responsible for the integrity of published articles and the quality of scientific research shared by this journal on a public platform.

Roles and Responsibilities of Editorial Board Members‚Äč

This section helps to guide our Board members in accomplish their duties. Each editor will be a member of an Editorial Board on their respective fields. Our Board members are important for supervising the style and content of received manuscript.

Board members can review the assigned manuscripts at their suitable time only and if you are unable for reviewing the manuscript, Board members can suggest other reviewers. Board members have to involve continuous progress about our journal and update them with new ideas for citation development.

Our Board members are independent experts responsible for deciding whether or not a manuscript should be published in our journal.

Board members have to keep their vision that the topic matter of the manuscripts reflects any changes of direction in the field of study to include futuristic work, this may require inviting manuscripts or special issues.

If any misdemeanours/abuse of the rules or records, the board will interrupt the clarity of the published or the unpublished manuscript until the issue is convincingly work out.

Due to high number of submissions and the quality of the journal being broad it might be not possible for one board member to make informed choices about submissions in all subject areas. So categorically refer to their respect contributions.

Associate Editors
Editorial Advisor
External Editors
Guest Editors


Our Open Access members have full liberty to control the process for manuscript subscription evaluation, along with the content published in any other journal. There will be no changes or interfering with our Board Members in the final decisions. Each board member has to complete their assigned work in a timely manner.
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