At the Journal Name: International Journal of Astronomy and Modern Physics Sciences, we facilitate the spread of knowledge in all mediums used by researchers, medical students and other scholars. This includes, printed articles, videos, infographic content etc.

Authors can now order reprints of their work published on  IJOAMP. Once an article is uploaded on our journal, authors and co-authors can send in a request for reprints, along with the quantity needed. Since all articles are uploaded as a PDF, users are free to access, read, download, and take prints and circulate content themselves, without making any changes, additions, deletions or adding any promotional content, in case of small quantities. However If a user needs large quantities of prints, over 100, he needs to produce a permission letter from the author(s) acknowledging their request and purpose.

The advantage of getting reprints from us is that  IJOAMP will produce the finest quality of reprints using premium paper type and format. For students presenting their work in medical college, or researchers presenting their research to funding institutions, or just a science project being presented by a high-schooler, our prints will create a good first impression.

Even though the content available on  IJOAMP is open access, we do charge for reprints along with shipping. In order to know more or place an order for reprints, please send as an email at We offer doorstep delivery for reprint material.

Electronic Prints (E-Prints)

Keeping view of rapidly evolving of reprint usage, we do provide electronic prints (e-prints) to suit your various needs. e-prints are electronic versions of articles, which can be viewed and downloaded by multiple users. It has various benefits and so now-a-days e-prints have become more popular as a tool in marketing sector.

e-Prints are available for Laptop, Desktop, MAC and in mobiles.

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